Attacking Roe v. Wade

As Alabama has passed a law directly going against the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, abortion has much been in the news. From my perspective as an elite media reader and culture watcher, almost all of the attacking has been coming from the pro-abortion side as an attack on a woman’s right to have a choice to terminate a pregnancy. There are claims of a “war on women” and “men trying to control women’s bodies”. Hyperbole is rampant in these polarizing times. To come out as pro-life right now is to inviting an attack from a mob-like mentality from the other side. Granted, this mob mentality has ramped up so quickly because no legislature has passed a law so extreme as the Alabama law, a law that will clearly be taken up by many courts soon. It also happens to be a law that I think is justified and correct.

As often happens, the two sides are just yelling at each other and not listening to the other. They paint the other side as sub-human in some way, and that is not healthy. I want to take the commonly used attack word for the other side and note what it really is. Pro-abortion people often label pro-life people as anti-choice. In fact, we are anti-choice, but only anti-certain choices. We are, or at least I am, against women have the choice to terminate life after conception. Why am I opposed to this choice? It is because I believe this choice takes away the life of a living being who thus will never have a choice in life. I believe the job of the government is to protect each person’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The order is important, life first, then liberty, then the pursuit of happiness.

So while I am anti that choice, I am pro many more choices, I am pro contraception, including things such as condoms and the birth control pill. I personally believe in abstinence before marriage, but I believe that is a choice that people have, not something to be forced by the government. For those who say things such as “the gov’t should not control me” they are just not being honest with themselves, we basically all agree in the gov’t control lots of behavior, from things such as crime, both violent crime to even property crime. Most people agree with many more choice reductions which aren’t nearly as serious, for example zoning laws or restrictions on what pets a person can own.

I don’t ask the pro-choice people to agree with me, though I hope they will. I only ask that they are honest in their points. Pro-abortion people are sometimes called anti-life by pro-life people. This is true only in that they believe that women should have the choice to end life in certain cases. Where those restrictions are vary widely. Very, very few people favor late-term abortions. Most people do favor allowing abortions in the 1st month. People have decided that somewhere along the line, the life of the unborn child is more important than the pursuit of happiness and liberty of the mother. I believe that life starts at conception and plant my flag there. Fundamentalist are often criticized for being “anti-science” but scientifically this is a hard point to argue against. If a person decides some other point is where life begins, they are just doing so to make themselves feel better morally.

So while we disagree, let’s not just bad mouth the other side. I am strongly pro-life, I believe that only in the case of the life of the mother should an abortive procedure be considered. There are other choices that I don’t think get talked enough about. Paramount to this is adoption. I think adoption is a beautiful thing where someone who had little hope is taken in by another. If a mother can’t handle raising a child, I favor us a society encouraging this option. I favor giving larger tax breaks to families with adopted children. I favor supporting single mothers with government programs. People live in hard situations and we should be doing what we can to help them. We can debate what are the best policies to take, but my general rule is to help those who encourage life.


So when I hear arguments like “Republicans only care about people until they are born” it upsets me. I care about people from before they are born until they pass away. Pro-choice people care about life too, they just don’t value life inside the womb like I do. They can argue with that being harsh, but it is just the truth. It is going to be an interesting time as Roe v. Wade was a decision made on a faulty premise, and now that is being tested big time.

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